September 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Aaron Grossman on 2017-09-14

  • Q3 Push 
  • Costco
  • Limited Release Drafts
  • Annual Distributor Meeting 
  • Congratulations
  • National Accounts
  • Marketing Update

September 2017 Newsletter

Our thoughts are with our team members, distributors, partners, and friends impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We are rooting for you and know you will come out strong.

Q3 Push to a Strong Finish
I can’t believe Q3 is almost over. Throughout this year, we’ve had to endure a lot of cycling and have all fought hard. Keep up the fight, as this quarter is looking to be on target.

We are continuing to focus on core brands, which are the backbone of our company. West Coast IPA, Soul Style IPA, GFB Blonde Ale from Green Flash along with Duet and Windows Up from Alpine. In this newsletter, Dawn Villela will outline our Fall marketing initiative. I think you will agree that our team has nailed the messaging here, firmly placing our flag in the ground as the benchmark brewery we are.

We ask that you continue to push on GFB. This brand is continuing to pick up steam, and your team's attention is crucial to its sustained growth. The GFB 6-packs of 12oz bottles need to be in every independent account that sells craft beer. The 19.2oz single-serve can is a door-opener to the c-store segment. Help us help you Wherever you have influence, please pitch this package. 7-Eleven, Race Trac, Chevron, Valero, etc. Your success will give our National Accounts Team added ammo.

We have had some good success with Costco. If your local Costco sells craft, we want in. We have GFB and Soul Style available in a 24-bottle loose pack right now. Please contact Rick Laxague or myself for pricing details in your region.

In addition to the loose packs, our frontline 22oz. and Cellar 3 750ml bottles have also done extremely well. We have gained distribution by offering them at everyday pricing.

Limited Release Drafts
We have a number of special beers coming out of the tanks. Please speak with your Regional Sales Manager or District Sales Manager for more information about availability and pricing. Attached are the sell sheets for each brand.

  • Green Flash Hop Head Red
  • Green Flash Treasure Chest (National Program)
  • Green Flash Hard Count IPA
  • Alpine HFS
  • Alpine Nelson
Annual Distributor Meeting

Just a reminder that our annual distributor meeting is split between West and East coast regions. The San Diego meeting will take place on Thursday October 19th, and the Virginia Beach meeting is on Thursday, October 26th.  Please RSVP by 09.15.17.
You can join us at either meeting, they are being held separately to make it easier for you to attend. We ask that at minimum your Craft Brand Manager is in attendance.

We are going to start at 10am, and should have beers in hand by 3pm. However, if history repeats itself, Mike Hinkley will have beers in your hand by 11am.

I want to congratulate a few of my team members on being promoted due to their extremely hard work and dedication to Green Flash.

Erik Jensen – our world-famous Brewmaster has been promoted to Vice President of Brewing Operations.
Dawn Villela – has been promoted from Director of Marketing to Vice President of Marketing.
Dave Adams – has been promoted from Director of Retail Operations to Vice President of Retail Operations. Dave still oversees our Beer Education Program as well.

National Accounts
On-Premise: We have developed programing to kick off OND and wrap up 2017.

  • Growler USA – 6-week program featuring Treasure Chest 2017, West Coast IPA, and Sea to Sea Lager. This is a great new partner for us.
  • Yard House – Treasure Chest 2017 will be featured as the October chalkboard beer, and Pure Hoppiness will be the November chalkboard beer.
  • BJ’s Brewhouse – New 2018 menu mandates were released in October as we grow our distribution with them. They will feature Alpine Pure Hoppiness 12oz bottles in their December “seasonal” beer dinner series
  • We have pre-orders for Alpine Pure Hoppiness kegs & bottles from the following chains: Yard House, BJ’s Brewhouse, Growler USA, Flying Saucer, Eureka! Burger, Pies & Pints, Hop Cat, Stout Burger
  • Public School – We just received a national mandate featuring GFB Blonde Ale on tap!
  • 2018 meetings are taking place now!
  • HEB – We received mandate of GFB 19.2oz single-serve cans for Fall 2017
  • Vons/Albertsons SoCal - Great growth in their spring 2017 sets just finishing up. Look for programing in November & December
  • Rite Aid SoCal - West Coast IPA 6-packs will be added for fall 2017 in 89 stores. This marks our first foot into the drug store channel.
  • Safeway NorCal – Alpine Duet 6-packs were added for the fall 2017 sets
  • Binny’s in Chicago - Great product launch with GFB 19.2oz single-serve cans
 Military: NexCom – Navy Exchange
  • We will be launching some market-specific programing to support our troops
  • We are seeking your assistance on a price promotion. Please look for specific communication from your RSM and Adam Cox from the National Accounts team!

Distributor Highlight: Breakthru Beverage Nevada
Thank you to Deacon and the team in Las Vegas for setting time aside for our team. Jordan Arndt, our West Coast National Accounts Manager, spent three days in the trade and secured close to 200 new mandates, displays, and ad programing.

This is evidence that if we work together and dedicate time in the market, we can GSD! Please reach out to Rick Laxague to help put together an action plan to sell beer.

Fall Trimester Programming - We Own It
Now that the days of summer are behind us, we are shifting our trimester focus from Soul Style IPA to West Coast IPA, and rolling out a new campaign: We Own It:

“West Coast IPA” is one of the top 5 most influential beer marketing buzzword/terms that influences purchasing decisions according to Nielsen research. It is one of the most well-known and recognizable styles, yet Green Flash is the only company with the trademark. Our West Coast IPA has been considered the original since 2004. We wanted to come out with a bold statement to:
  • Remind craft beer enthusiasts that we are the OG and entice them to rediscover a classic
  • Encourage craft beer newcomers to try the benchmark standard by which all others are measured
 All of the same graphic assets/sizes that were available on the distributor portal to support the Waves of Hops campaign are already on the portal for We Own It, please go in and download what your accounts will need, and make a plan with your reps to get this campaign out in market from Sept. 15th - Jan. 15th.


We are also supporting this campaign with 2 turnkey themes for on-premise events:
  • Green Flash Tailgate Party
  • Green Flash Winter Games

Informational ‘how-to’s’ for both events will be up on the portal by 9/15, and physical giveaway items to support the events will also be available to order on the Boelter website by 9/15
As a reminder, Waves of Hops campaign assets will remain available for distributors in coastal communities both on the distributor portal and the Boelter website.

Alpine Website
We are excited to announce the revamped Alpine website is finally LIVE! Consumers can now get current information about year-round beers, special releases, use functions like event finder, beer locator, learn about Alpine’s history, and so much more. The website is responsive, so it automatically adjusts to your device, whether you are viewing on a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile device. Please check it out when you get a chance at


Look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming distributor meetings!

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