November 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Aaron Grossman on 2017-11-13

2017 Distributor Meetings

I hope all of you are as charged up for 2018 as I am. I thought splitting the meetings went well, and want to thank all of our committed partners who made the trip. Your participation is appreciated and valuable to our plans moving forward.

For you who couldn’t make the trip, please review the link here to view the information passed on at the meeting. Your RSM / DM will be reaching out to you to answer any questions.

Distributors of the Year

Mountain Region Distributor of the Year,
Elite Brands

International Distributor of the Year,  
Global Craft Trading, Inc.

No. Cal/Southwest Region Distributor of the Year,
DBI Beverage Sacramento

Southern California Region Distributor of the Year,
Unique Craft Solutions

North Eastern Region Distributor of the Year,
Origlio Beverage

Lakes Region Distributor of the Year,
O & W Inc

South Eastern Region Distributor of the Year,
City Beverage Company

South Central Region Distributor of the Year,
Ben E Keith

Welcome Our Newest Road Warriors!

As mentioned, we are adding to our sales force and have plans to continue doing so in 2018. I want to introduce you to our newest Road Warriors.

Dustin Michaels - Pittsburg/West New York

Tim Seaman - Nashville

Nicole Mitchell - Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas


Let’s assemble an aggressive plan for Remix IPA to have a successful launch. This is a badass IPA at a more than reasonable price. Draft will hit your warehouses at the beginning of December, and it is priced in-line with GFB Blonde Ale. We will back up the draft with our package launch in January.

In addition, we are creating a boat-load of support materials that are on the portal and ready for purchase or download.

Remix merch is featured above. From left to right: Vinyl record tin tacker, Remix tee (front/back), flat bill hat, beanie, remix sweatshirt (front/back), pint glass, bottle opener.

All available from Boelter.


As I stated in the meetings and in our sidebar conversations, Soul Style IPA needs your focused attention. There is a direct line between volume and loss of distribution. Many of you agree, it is a focus issue due to either new brands, Alpine, or rotation nation. Please focus your teams and let’s get the distribution back. We have fantastic marketing and support materials and the juice is amazing. I appreciate your efforts.

Green Flash Marketing

West + Winter Text to Win

In addition to the West Coast IPA trimester programming ‘We Own It’ Campaign, we also have a National Text to Win Promo currently in market. This is approved to use in all 50 states, and runs from 10/15/17 through 1/15/18.

  • First place prize is 4 lift tickets to the mountain resort of their choice
  • Second place prize is a Green Flash branded snowboard
  • Third place prize is a Green Flash branded beanie + stadium scarf
Artwork for this promo can be downloaded on the distributor portal, OR FREE printed 11x17” easel-back displays can be ordered from Boelter; you will just need to cover shipping & handling charges. This promo is perfect to leverage excitement about winter sports season approaching, and to secure additional West Coast IPA floor displays.

Trimester Programming

As a reminder, the West Coast Trimester Programming is in full swing, download ‘We Own It’ off-premise in-store assets from the distributor portal AND order on-premise ‘We Own It’ event giveaways from the Boelter website. We want to see 100% compliance of this programming across country, it will drive sell-thru for West Coast IPA and help all of us win at retail for Q4.


Green Flash – National Chain Update

The national accounts team has already conducted some key Spring 2018 meetings. Our focus is on our core portfolio. We now have the assortment by style and by package to secure 3-5 POD. Canned beer is still the brightest vessel for retail chains and is what they are looking to increase in 2018. Ads and programing have definitely changed. Today, we see craft 6pks bundled with import 12pks and/or with premium light 12pks. We plan to invest more into the national account division in 2018 to help support ads, program such as text to win and retail demo support. Our portfolio of brands is still new to retail and that is a benefit. Our best feature is the liquid with the awards and ratings our beers have received.

We are seeing some great results from our most recent additions to the Alpine Beer Co. portfolio. Willy and Truck Trail cans are doing well where we have launched them. They also are the perfect packages to round out your Alpine full shelf.
Nelson Sightings

As stated in the meeting, come Q2 Nelson will be offered as a full-time beer available in 6-packs and draft. With our new hop contract, we will be able to offer Nelson at West Coast IPA pricing.

At the risk of sounding cocky, this is a gift. So, what are we going to do with it? My team will reach out to yours to put a solid launch plan in place. This is one of the few beers out there to get a 100 rating on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate.

Alpine – Marketing 

NEW Alpine POS
You asked for it, and now it’s in production. A new Alpine lit sign is coming your way!

In the News

USA Today featured Pure Hoppiness on 9/22/17 as one of the upcoming Fall seasonal beers to look for. With a circulation of over 36 Million (including regional syndication), it was a nice hit to get craft consumers excited:
National Accounts: Alpine

During the distributor meetings on both coasts, “communication” was referenced as a major opportunity for 2018. Please ask that your retail chain and c-store segment teams reach out to us so we can sell more beer in 2018.

Alpine Beer Co. has had a fantastic year in SoCal Grocery. We plan to build on this momentum and present Alpine to many new retailers. In 2018, we’ll have five packaged offerings from Alpine. The three bottled Alpine beers (Nelson, Windows Up, and Duet) feature our awesome hop-forward flavor and at a national average of $12.99 per 6pk is just what retailers want. The canned beer offerings (Truck Trail and Willy) from Alpine are the ideal package for the outdoorsy type. Pack it in, and pack it out. These two brands will also be great for Spring and Summer at hotels and resorts.

Kenny’s Final Thoughts

2017 has been a tough year. We pulled a number of items from our portfolio in 2016, a large number of local breweries popped up in every town USA, and we struggled to keep some of your attention with all the new toys and acquisitions that went down.

We expect some big hurdles in Q4 with the cycling of the anniversary beers from 2016. Last year, our Trader Joe’s, Yard House, and BJ’s beers were all big hits. We need to plan against them to finish the year strong.

2018 is set up for success. We streamlined our portfolio, added in a couple of powerhouse brands (Remix and Nelson), and I will be adding support in key markets that have been behind the brand. We can have the best plan in the world but it doesn’t mean anything unless we have the execution and focus from you. Let’s get ahead of it and have a kick ass Q4 and 2018.



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