March 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Aaron Grossman on 2017-03-07

  • What's new and what's coming
  • A new trend I'm not digging
  • CBC
  • National Accounts Update
  • Marketing Update

March 2017 Newsletter

Distributor Partners,

What’s new and what’s coming

  • GFB 6-pack bottles: Launching in the beginning of March. Pricing will be more aggressive than Soul Style. This is being produced out of both breweries so we can deliver the freshest beer possible. Let’s get incentives in place for distribution and displays so we can come out of the gate strong. Blonde Ales are on fire and this beer will offer a nice boost to your volume.
  • GFB 19.2oz cans: In April, we are launching 19.2oz cans exclusively in the west for now. We have already received commitments from am/pm and Circle K which gets our foot in the door of C-Stores for the first time from a corporate level. We are going to be strategic on the launch, as the manufacturer only produces this size can once per quarter. As this package picks up steam, we will increase production. Look for more communication from your RSM / DM. This offering is priced right to maximize on volume opportunities.
  • Alpine Windows Up: The response has been awesome. I apologize for some of the shortages as demand had outpaced production. We have adjusted the brew schedule and are currently back on track.

A new trend I’m not digging

Over the last couple weeks I have been a part of a few conversations where the distributor has asked my DM “where did you pre–sell Brand X / what’s the plan, before I bring it in?” This caught me off guard in a number of ways. Let’s go back a few years when I was the only sales person for Green Flash. We chose you and you chose us. We chose you for your ability to secure distribution, your relationships in the market, and your desire to win at retail. You chose us because of our ability to create world class beers that deliver a great margin.

Over the past couple years my team has grown to 31 and there are plans to add up to 20 more in 2017. These people are put in place to support your teams, educate distributors and retailers on our products, and help execute at retail in the way of on-premise events and off-premise tastings. We need to ensure that you have a solid plan in place prior to the trucks shipping. We need to work together to win in the market.

Feel free to reach out to me if you disagree. I value your input and opinions.


It’s that time again and we are off to DC for this year’s CBC. We will set up camp in the Convention Center lobby and look forward to meeting with you. Please reach out to your RSM and set up a time to meet up.
Also feel free to join us at one of the below events and tip a pint or two.

  • 4.10 Buffalo Billiards 6pm-Close: Meet the brewer night with Shawn McIlhenney
  • 4.11 Black Squirrel 7pm-11pm Tap Takeover
  • 4.12 Park View & Petworth Green Flash Pub Crawl 6pm-Close: Midlands Beer Garden, Homsted, DC Reynolds & Walters Sports Bar
  • 4.13 Iron Horse Tap Room 6pm-9pm Tap Takeover

National Accounts

Please welcome Eric Wiegand to the National Accounts Team. Eric has over 12 years of experience in the industry and will be based in Dallas, serving as the National Accounts Manager for Texas.

Displays sell beer, period. “POI” = point of interruption, and the more the better!

Our industry is over-indexed with breweries and new beers. We need to figure out how to get our brands in front of the consumer. Grocery stores are dedicating more space to beer which is good. But at the same time, it is not ideal for the consumer. Staring at 100 feet of beer is overwhelming. It’s a lot like choosing from a 100-tap beer list, or staring at the food menu at Cheesecake Factory. Sensory overload! At that point, customers will just pick the cheapest, or an “old standby” - i.e. premium light beer or an import, because that’s easy.
POS and displays are like silent salespeople when we are not in stores. Our tap handles serve the same purpose in the on-premise. Our brand new bin stackers offer point-of-sale branding and display point-of-interruption. Marketing did a great job on the design of these and they were REQUESTED by a national retailer called 7-Eleven.

Jordan and I have already presented these to some chains and they were well-received. Nate and Eric will be presenting them as well. We need your help getting distributors to order and use these. You need to hit the chains and sell these in at the store level. Every three of these you place is like selling in 2 kegs to that rotator account that asks for everything and is not loyal to you or our brand.

Marketing Update:

New Video

Have you been to our Virginia Beach brewery yet? Check out our latest video:

New POS Available
Together let’s support sell-thru in retail! Below is just a sampling of assets available on the distributor portal - order or download today to increase sales in your region:

Green Flash Corrugated floor standing displays - 5 per box @ $22ea. = $110

5’ x 3’ Alpine fabric flag with grommets:

Palate Wrecker 11” x 17” taste enlightenment poster

Snowboards are in! These are fully-functioning, all-mountain boards (bindings not included). Order now before the end of the season...

Green Flash & Alpine in the news

Upcoming Events


Jim Kenny

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