March 2016 Newsletter

Posted by GFBC Inc. on 2016-03-03

  • Inventory Levels
  • 22oz Bottles
  • Spring Resets
  • New On-Premise Partners
  • Pricing Information Needed
  • New Shelf Life Standards
  • New Pallet Configuartion
  • New Distributor Relations Specialists
  • New Brochures
  • Holiday POS

March 2016 Newsletter

Distributor Partners,
I hope that Q1 is shaping up nicely for all of you.  Green Flash is on fire in 2016!  As most of you have you have seen, Tangerine Soul Style and Passion Fruit Kicker are a win and we are working day and night to get you more beer.
Inventory Levels
As I am writing this bouncing around the country at 35,000 feet in the air, I am concerned that some of you may have underestimated the success of our new brands. I know that you are all trying to balance warehouse inventories with all the new items flooding the market but now that you have seen the success of our new brands I need your help in establishing pars in your warehouses so that we avoid out-of-stocks.
In the past week I have been in a number of cities that were caught off guard by the success of these brands. This has resulted in a number of requests for hot shot orders which, quite frankly, is throwing off our production plan on other brands and will cause a domino effect. In addition, as you are aware, it causes twice the work for your sales people to go back and resell these brands after you have run into an out-of-stock situation.
I am asking that you order in full pallet quantities and at a 60-day inventory level. You will see that your 60-day level will still be short but it will give us time to react and avoid out-of-stocks.
22 oz. Bottles
I know that some markets are struggling with this package. As discussed at our distributor meeting, target your better craft stores with a variety of 22 oz. bottles - Cosmic Ristretto, Dia de Los Serranos and Le Freak should be the focus. West Coast IPA, Imperial, and Le Freak should continue to be chain driven packages and used in those bottles shops where they will turn.
On that note, we have launched Alpine Mandarin Nectar in 22 oz. and draft. This is another favorite Alpine Beer Company product and will be a great addition to your portfolio.
Thank you for all you are doing! We have started off Q1 fantastic with double digit depletions for an 8th consecutive quarter. As the Mira Mesa facility is running at capacity and Virginia Beach construction is going full speed, I can't express enough how important it is to dive-in and communicate with our team on your orders.

Spring grocery resets will begin in the coming weeks. Please make sure that product arrives to the accounts one week prior to the reset. Green Flash and Alpine Beer Co. landed some big distribution gains and we need your help to ensure they are successful. As I mentioned last month, we have invested a lot of dollars into chains for 2016. Some of the great new tools and data reports we now have access to, including IRI Data with over 250 RMA’s and geographies, have already made an impact for Rick and Nate as they meet with retailers/buyers around the country. Please make sure you have the chain managers reach out and ask Rick or Nate how they can assist with data/market share reports to help grow chain business in your markets.
New On-Premise Partners for 2016!
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews will feature Le Freak in select markets as part of a GABF Medal Winning Beer program. This is a foot in the door to build upon for future programming and menu mandates. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom will be a new partner starting in April as they add Passion Fruit Kicker bottles to the mandate list and Le Freak as part of a Summer Beer Tour. Yard House has their new menu going live on 3/28/2016 and if you are still unsure about changes or have questions please reach out to Rick.
Housekeeping Request
Please provide your price list for Green Flash and Alpine Beer Co. products, including your item numbers, along with a vendor number list by chain to  Please be certain to include  package and draft for both Green Flash and Alpine Beer Co.  This information is needed in order for us to complete chain paperwork and quote accurate PTRs.  Please have your Pricing Coordinators send these files over immediately so that we can build the database needed to be more efficient and allow for early submission of all chain paperwork. 

New Shelf Life Standards:
After an extensive testing process; the time has come to extend our current draft shelf life from 90 days to 120 days. Reference the distributor portal for updated 2016 shelf life worksheet. Please note that draft with a shelf life longer than 90 days will not be affected.
New Pallet Configuration:
Effective March 1st we are aligning with industry standards and changing our pallet configurations on 12oz bottles to 70 cases per pallet, 10 cases per layer.
New Operations Support Members:
In January we rolled out a new support role to help you directly connect with the brewery.  Your Distributor Relations Specialists are the embodiment of the customer service that we know you deserve. Gaby Hills and Ernie Mario have been with Green Flash for a combined total of over ten years.


New Brochures Available:
Our 2016 brochures are in and are now available for order on the distributor portal. These are a great tool for selling our new products into accounts.
POS items- St. Patrick’s Day
Our new 22s are great alternatives to traditional stouts this St. Patrick’s Day. Use any of the POS items below to promote Dia de los Serranos or Cosmic Ristretto or any of our other new brands! You can find this and all supporting POS on the distributor portal.


Passion Fruit Kicker in Paste Magazine
Paste Magazine named their Top 10 Favorite Beers from January 2016 and our Passion Fruit Kicker made the list described as, "love at first sight." Tangerine Soul Style also got a mention as a victor in a showdown with similar citrus forward beers. Check out the article here


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