June 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Aaron Grossman on 2017-08-22

  • Focus on the core
  • Reduced pricing
  • More feet on the street/Adjusted territories
  • MicroStar Cooperage
  • New POS partnership with Boelter
  • National Accounts
  • Marketing Update

June 2017 Newsletter

Distributor Partners,

Are you ready for summer? The first half of the year has been tough for craft and looks to get even tougher.  Our Green Flash and Alpine brands are strong and growing, and together we will be winners in this tough market.  Our partnership is more important than ever.  We are listening to you and making several adjustments to be a better supplier and to help you win in your market.  

Focus on the Core

We are streamlining, reducing skus, and increasing focus on the core products of each brand.  For Green Flash, the core is West Coast IPA, Soul Style IPA, and GFB Blonde Ale.  For Alpine, the core is Duet IPA and Windows Up IPA.  Be sure to represent Green Flash and Alpine as separate, independent brands with their own story, focus, and goals.  Clouding the lines between the brands only weakens both brands.  


Reduced Pricing on Select Packaging 

With higher efficiency in our breweries, we are able to reduce pricing on certain products to be more competitive across the country.  These price decreases will make many of our cans, bottles, and draft far more competitive in your market.  Your RSM / DM will communicate price decreases to you ASAP, so the pricing will take effect and begin impacting your sales as soon as July 1st. Our National Accounts Team is already reaching out to buyers to get new pricing reflected on the shelf.  Use this powerful tool and maximize your efforts on distribution, displays, and permanent tap handles.

I have directed my team to focus on gaining permanent tap handles. Your team is in the accounts and can handle the rotators.  Duplicating your efforts in those accounts provides very little return.  Please work with my team and keep feeding them leads so they can close permanent lines that will provide great returns over the long term.  


More Feet on the Street and Adjusted Territories

We continue to add to our sales team and shrink our territories, adding the focus your team receives from our DMs, RSMs and Chain Team.  


New Lake Region Created

Effective June 1st, we have created a new region around the Great Lakes. This region will be headed up by our newly promoted RSM, Nate Levi. Nate has done an amazing job in his role as District Manager and National Accounts Manager over the past four years, and we are looking forward to him Getting Sh*t Done in his new role. Reporting to Nate is Alex Tuuri, based in MN, Levi Spetz, based in Ohio and Patrick Lyons, based in Illinois. We have backfilled Nate's role as National Accounts Manager / East with Adam Cox who is based in Columbus, Ohio.

New PacNw Region Created

Effective June 1st, we have created a new PacNW Region which will be headed up by our newly promoted RSM, Adam Dunbar.  Adam has been a top performing DM delivering strong double digit growth year over year with Elite Brands in Colorado.  We are in the process of hiring Adam’s replacement in Colorado and should have this filled soon. Also reporting to Adam is Bryan Lee based in Washington. Be prepared to read about some serious HUNGWAH coming out of this region.

MicroStar Cooperage

Do you remember a couple years ago when we made the move from MicroStar into our own cooperage? Well, we have teamed up with Micro Star under their new leadership, and will begin transitioning back to MicroStar kegs over the next couple weeks. The Green Flash branded cooperage will still run through the Kegspediter program. Outstanding deposits will remain open until all kegs have been returned.  Kegspediter will be accepting Green Flash branded kegs for a period of 12-months.  


Please ensure all Green Flash kegs have been returned by May 2018.


New POS Partnership with Boelter

Effective immediately we are working with Boelter on all our POS needs. You will continue to order through the portal and the items will ship directly from Boelter to you. All digital assets will remain on our current platform while Boelter makes system upgrades. You will see some new permanent items being added as well as seasonal programs coming in the near future. Please check the portal regularly for updates.


Boelter offers a 48 hour turnaround time on order fulfillment, so you will no longer have to wait for your POS to be shipped with your beer orders. We understand that Boelter has been reaching out to some of you directly. If you have any questions / issues please don’t hesitate to reach out to your RSM / DM or Matt Hanlon, our Operations Director: Matt.Hanlon@greenflashbrew.com

National Accounts

Spring sets have been completed in some markets and are still in process in other markets. Fall tweaks have been communicated by some other markets too. Is it Spring 2018 yet? There are a lot of factors affecting the retail chain business today: craft buyouts, retail buy outs, changing of managers at national buying desks, and oh yeah, the most overused word in beer - “LOCAL”.

Congratulations to Nate Levi and all the work he has done in the past 18 months as our east coast NAM. I would like to introduce you to Adam Cox! Adam will be talking over the position, and is based in Columbus, Ohio. He has over 8 years of experience in the industry and has held several roles, most recently as an RSM and State Chain Manager for Ohio with his previous employer. Please save his information below as he will be reaching out to all chains that fall within his region.
Adam Cox
Our national accounts team is ready for a fight, and working hard to understand the saturated marketplace, booking travel and meetings with current and new buyers to get the Green Flash + Alpine brands in front of them to gain distribution. Our chain team has attended both the Nightclub & Bar trade show in Las Vegas and the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago. As we look to increase points of distribution and gain new partners, we must rely on your execution. Please have your internal chain teams reach out to our National Account Managers to discuss the chain business in your markets and build programming. If we are going to win together, we need you to reach out and include us in every available on/off premise chain opportunity.

  • BJ’s Brewhouse: All new restaurants scheduled to open the rest of this year will have West Coast IPA on tap
  • Yard House: July chalk board beer will be Alpine Truck Trail Pale Ale, August chalk board will be Spanish Trampoline
  • Flying Saucer: Q2 release of Pitcher Perfect will arrive in June and Q3 beer of HFS will arrive in September
  • Hop Cat: pre-ordered Spanish Trampoline for National IPA Day (Aug. 3rd) for keg tapping events
  • Text to Win programing launching 6/13 to 7/14 with Raley’s in NorCal and Reno, NV Alpine Beer Co. portfolio focus
  • August text to win programing with BevMo starting in August and will be Green Flash brand focused (more to come to market specifics)
  • 7-Eleven in SoCal: GFB 19.2oz cans recommended and added to m/m 2 for $4 program begins 5/29 (we will work on additional markets that we can support with production)
  • am/pm: SoCal + Arizona 2 for $4 on GFB 19.2oz hitting the markets NOW

Remember communication works both ways! Please reach out to our team. We can build presentations and supply you with IRI Data.
Also - execution is essential to ensure our success with the chains. Please make sure that you have ample inventory so we can avoid having ANY out of stocks!

NEW Waves of Hops/Soul Style Summer Campaign

We will be putting a heavy focus on our Soul Style brand during the summer months by rolling out the Waves of Hops campaign for on and off premise. By June 16th, look for supporting artwork and POS available on the distributor portal to execute the campaign in market, including (more to be added):

  • Case stack headers
  • Case card inserts
  • Statics
  • Floor graphics
  • Ceiling danglers
  • Window graphics for custom resize
  • On-premise poster graphics
  • On-premise Soul Style giveaways
  • On-premise Soul Style tees
  • On-premise beach bingo nights


Please communicate this to your craft managers ASAP in order to gain Soul Style placements/sell-through andensure full campaign execution by end of June. Off-premise POS needs to be 100% in-market in time for the July 4th holiday, NO EXCEPTIONS. This campaign will continue in-market through Labor Day. Support of this roll-out WILL SELL BEER, help us help you.
In addition to off-premise, your DSMs and RSMs will work with your teams to execute Soul Style on-premise beach-themed events for July and August, stay tuned for more details!
Green Flash & Alpine in the News
GFB is getting rave reviews in the press; Men’s Fitness, MSN, and Imbibe Magazine- check it out!!
Sea to Sea was also noted as a "Best Low Calorie Beer" by Men's Health:
Rounding up the big Green Flash press hits, Passion Fruit Kicker is named among the “best summer beers” on delish.com (foodie website owned by Hearst and has a reach of 4 million)
Last but not least, Hoppy Birthday was featured as 1 of 10 Best IPA’s you’ve got to try by Popular Mechanics, with a reach of 11,870,816:
NEW Alpine Truck Wraps
We have had Green Flash truck wrap artwork available for resizing for the last few years, and as of this month we now have Alpine truck wrap artwork available as well. Please contact your DSM/RSM for using co-op funds to brand your delivery trucks, and have the artwork customized to your fleet specs.

Upcoming Events
Craft Classic
Green Flash is once again hosting the Craft Classic half marathon and 5k at our San Diego brewery on July 16th. Last year we hosted 3,000 craft beer-loving runners from all over the Greater Southwest fly in for the inaugural event, presented by Road Runner Sports and Adidas. This year we will definitely top that number, and would love to have you join us! To register visit: http://www.craftclassic.com/san-diego/ and enter promo codes as follows:
GREENFLASH5K for $5 off the 5K
GREENFLASHHALF for $10 off the half-marathon



Jim Kenny

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