July 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Aaron Grossman on 2017-08-22

  • GFB 19.2oz cans
  • New Alpine beers
  • New Julian dating
  • 2017 Distributor Meetings
  • Marketing Update
  • Chain update
  • Thank You Ben E. Keith

July 2017 Newsletter

GFB 19.2 oz. Cans
By now, your RSM / DM has reached out to you about launching GFB 19.2oz cans nationally. This is a great package that will deliver some serious incremental volume, however your execution is the key.

GFB 19.2 offers the trifecta: the liquid is great, the packaging pops, and the pricing is aggressive. In addition to the accounts where you typically sell Green Flash, this offering is going to open up the c-convenience store segment. Please do the following:

  • Establish your target distribution and display targets. Let’s not wait until the beer arrives and then figure out what the plan is.
  • Identify local c-store chains and send contact info to Rick Laxague if you need assistance securing distribution.
  • Preprint statics and display cards; images are available on our Distributor Portal.
  • Set up incentives for both distribution and displays. Displays sell beer, you know this. Let’s get them.
  • Order accordingly. Don’t be over-conservative. Out-of-stocks are unacceptable. 2 for $4 will sell.


New Alpine beers available

Effective immediately: Alpine Beer Company has two new offerings available in 6-pack cans and draft. Both Willy and Truck Trail are available now for ordering. Both of these beers are fantastic and crushable.

New Julian date implementation
The upgrade of our bottling line in San Diego is now complete. Concurrent with this implementation, our date coding format has changed to the Julian dating system, and these dates will be placed on our bottles and case packages as pictured below:


Reading from left to right, the first number in the series represents the last digit of the year it was bottled in. In the above example, the year is 2017. The following three numbers in the series represent the number of the day within the year. So, per the above example – day 200 out of 365, starting with Jan 1st. So, this beer was bottled on July 19, 2017. The number in the middle represents the bottling line number – in this case, it was bottling line #1 in San Diego. And the final four digits in the sequence represent the time stamp from the moment the beer was packaged, in military time. The bottle on the left was bottled at 10:22am, and the case carton was boxed up at 11:00am.

2017 Annual Distributor Meetings
I know you are hammered by brewery meetings in Q4. This year, we will hold an East coast and West coast meeting. Hopefully this helps out on your travel and time away from the office. I will also have all our RSM’s / DM’s at their respective region’s meeting.

  • Regions: Flood, Samples, Bolino, Dunbar – San Diego:  Oct. 19th 2017
  • Regions: Centonze, Gregory, Helms, Levi - Virginia Beach: Oct. 26th 2017

Naturally, you are welcome to attend either meeting. We will send out invitations in August.

Waves of Hops
We announced our Soul Style campaign – Waves of Hops - in the June distributor newsletter, and by now we hope you have gone to our Distributor Portal and downloaded the Waves of Hops program graphics to print in-house AND/OR visited our new portal at Boelter to order physical items for your accounts. We want to see this in-market through Labor Day, so please go on TODAY and place those orders. If you missed the 4th of July, get them up no later than August 3rd for National IPA Day. Here is a list of all items available on both portals:



Off-premise assets

  • End Cap & Floor Display Signage- vertical & horizontal in various sizes to choose from, for cans or bottles
  • Case Headers & Cards
  • Easel Back Signs
  • Statics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Surfboard Standee**
  • Window Graphics
  • Off-premise, pre-printed kits, including: Header Card, Easel Back Sign/Case Card, 4 ceiling danglers, 2 statics, 1 floor graphic



On premise assets

  • Activation instructions for 2 different themed event options: Endless Summer of Soul Style OR Green Flash 80’s Beach Bash
  • Table Tents
  • Event Signage
  • Custom Bingo Cards for both event themes
  • Lip Balm
  • Koozies
  • Soul Style Stickers
  • Sunglasses
  • Surfboard Standee**
  • Soul Style Tattoos*
  • T-Shirts*

*item avail by 7/19
** item avail by 7/24

We have already been featuring Waves of Hops on our social channels as well as our website. We are excited to see this campaign roll out at retail, send us your pictures of completed displays + events!

Off Premise:
Fall plug-and-pull time is upon us. The national account team is doing their job to get our brands in front of buyers to increase distribution.  We have added the following new chains to our call point list and encourage you along with our sales team to sell in the authorized packages.

  • Grocery Outlet
  • Gelson’s
  • Goody Good

Growler stations by market:  Don’t forget to have your sales team ask these retailers to get both Green Flash and Alpine rotated through on their growler stations. National accounts will begin asking for pre-orders from chains that operate growler stations and or tasting bars/restaurants.

The convenience store segment will deliver solid growth for Green Flash. GFB 19.2oz will be available nationwide starting in August. Please get on board in order to hit your volume goals. We are looking at a few cooler suction cup racks (where legal) to use as POS and secure incremental points of distribution.  Shout out to Sprout’s as they are running $1.99 or 2 for $4 and the stores are averaging 4 cases per week (that is 96 units per week!)

Remember GFB 19.2oz is $24 per case with a suggested PTR of $33.60 or $1.40 per unit cost.
Take a look at some great displays from the trade:



We are excited to announce that we have secured programing with the following new on-premise chains:

  • Pies & Pints: Pizza and beer concept that started in West Virginia and now has stores in WV, OH, KY, AL, and VA.
  • Growler USA: Pub restaurant where growlers are the star of the show and you can sit back and enjoy great food and a pint before you get your fill and head home.
  • Alamo Draft House: Cinema house that has great food, comfortable seating, and an amazing beer lineup. Green Flash has hosted some “Victory Happy Hours” at many locations across the country. We’ve built a solid relationship with the owner and management and they are now enthusiastic brand supporters. Encourage your distributor sales reps to mention Green Flash to the manager.

Pre-Orders of Spanish Trampoline are being shipped to execute August programing for the following chains:

  • Yard House
  • Pies & Pints
  • Hop Cat
  • Flying Saucer
  • The Brass Tap (select stores)

Thank You Ben E. Keith – Texas
Last month, we held our annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting in Texas. I want to thank Ben E. Keith for hosting us and joining us out in the market.

Crescent Crown, we will see you next year in Arizona!

Admin Note
If you are mailing any important distributor-related documents, please send them to our Mira Mesa Address (6550 Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92121) attention Chris Ross or Jim Kenny.

Jim Kenny

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