April 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Aaron Grossman on 2017-08-22

  • CBC Recap
  • URGENT - Bottling line shut down
  • GFB 19.2 oz cans launching in West
  • New Road Warriors 
  • Marketing Update
  • National Accounts Update

April 2017 Newsletter

CBC Recap

A big thank you to all of our partners who took the time to meet with us and attend our events at CBC last week. It is always good to get together with you and hear what is going on in your markets. The two things that I walked away with from our meetings is that Core is king and needs to be the focus and chains, chains, chains.

The good news is that our focus, as laid out in the Distributor meeting back in November, is Core. Our Core efforts are concentrated on West Coast IPA, Soul Style, Duet, GFB, and Windows Up. These brands are trending at +13% YTD, and climbing. Keep focused on the core distribution and execution, then utilize our secondary brands in your market to fill out the shelves and secure additional rotators.

As for chains, our business is growing here too. As you all know, this is a battlefield with the big boys buying up Craft brands and flexing their muscle. Rick and his merry band of national account managers are growing distribution and implementing programs. Keep feeding them leads and contacts so we can continue to grow this segment.

URGENT – Mira Mesa Bottling line shut down – URGENT

On June 5th, we will be installing our new bulk packaging system. I know, great timing right at the beginning of summer. Unfortunately we have to work with the manufacturer’s schedule. What does this mean? I need you to double your orders on GLASS ONLY in May. Please submit these orders ASAP so we can adjust production accordingly. Please work with your RSM / DM. I appreciate your prompt attention.

GFB 19.2 oz. Can launching in the West

“You down with GFB? Yeah, you know me!” I am excited that this package is finally hitting the streets. We are going to take a somewhat slow approach with this roll out, as we have secured some C-Store authorizations and need to ensure we can keep them in stock. There is one manufacturer of this particular can and they produce it once a quarter. We don’t run the C-Stores out and lose our spots. We will assess at the beginning of June and see if we can expand, so stay tuned and please keep your eyes open for communication from your RSM / DM.

Did I mention these cans are priced very aggressively to give us a competitive edge in the Convenience segment? The PTC will be 2 for $4. And just so no one is confused. These are meant to be sold as singles even though they are being shipped with pack-tec tops on them. This is for shipping purposes only, to keep the can from moving in transit and scratching the beautiful matte black finish.

New Road Warriors on the team

We have a few new team members that have joined us in the last couple of weeks. Please welcome them into your houses and show them how you GSD so we can team them up with your crew and sell some extra beer.
  • Drew Hahn – DM Orange County, CA
  • Levi Spetz – DM Based in Ohio also covers Michigan.
  • Mark Shellahammer – DM Florida
  • Christopher Hussey – DM San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to Green Flash, HUNGWAH!!!

Marketing Update

Green Flash & Alpine in the News:

WINDOWS UP was beer of the week in The Washington Post, which has an online circulation of 43.8 Million!

TANGERINE SOUL STYLE featured as 1 of 9 Fruit IPAs worth trying by The Daily Meal:

PALATE WRECKER made VinePair’s list of 25 beers every beer lover has to try:

Green Flash state-branded tackers for CA, TX, and VA region are available, see your local DSM/RSM for inquiries:


 Upcoming Events

  • May 20-23: Stop by the Green Flash booth at the National Restaurant Show (NRA) in Chicago
  • June 2-3: Green Flash will be pouring at SAVOR 2017, Washington DC, come enjoy a beer with us!
Social Media
  • Instagram Sea to Sea Tour- Our National Director of Retail Dave Adams embarked on a cross country road trip April 1-15th and took over the Green Flash Instagram account. Our Instagram audience was really engaged, and it drove traffic to the account stops along the tour. Thank you to all who came out to support Dave in your territories! http://www.greenflashbrew.com/sea-to-sea-tour/

Make sure to use our hashtag #drinkGFB and share what GFB means to you!

National Accounts

Rick Laxague and Mike Hinkley had a number of chain meetings during CBC this year. The following is a list of who they met with, and the notes from each meeting:

  • Total Wine & More: Green Flash has a margin of 25% PTC set up with TW&M, so securing endcaps by both distributors and GF sales team should not be a “margin” issue. Green Flash will share all our new marketing videos to be played in stores. 22oz bottles continue to drop and consumers are building more of their own 6pks. Mike will host some beer class events as he travels during the rest of 2017.
  • Meijer: In the retail panel, their buyer said that his job is to build one brand and that is the Meijer brand. If you want distribution in these stores, you need to have a solidly built brand, and they won’t do it for you. The meeting with Rich resulted in initial talks of distribution in Illinois and Ohio as a start.
  • Sam’s Club: Morgan Matthews was excited to meet with Rick and Mike. We have some light distribution with them in CA and VA and look to increase this by adding more SKU’s and more markets. CA, VA, TX, NY, AZ are the top five to start. In markets where ABV/ABW is a law, we will add beers that fit the requirements to these states to offer some new variety (KS, UT, AR).
  • Lowes Foods: Based in North Carolina, this chain has about 78 stores, some of which reach into South Carolina. They have draft beer in 32 of these stores, and Green Flash is looking to debut with a few packages and limited draft offerings for their “now available” programing. This will happen as a result of working with our distribution network in North Carolina.
  • Harris Teeter: Kroger-owned banner, Harris Teeter is the only one that does de-centralized POGs. We will look to increase POD within Virginia + DC and reboot in North Carolina in Spring 2018, so look for more to follow.
  • Winking Lizard Tavern: Ohio-based only chain, but is considered an industry leader for on-premise. He says there are too many breweries, and is ready for a shake out over the next 1-3 years. Great partner for Green Flash.

Speaking of 3.2 ABW states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah. Green Flash has two canned beer offerings: Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager 6pks of 12oz cans and Jibe Session IPA 6pks of 12oz cans. Please reach out to the chain team to discuss how we can help get these beers into chains in these states.

Trader Joes: 
We are growing our partnership with them and we need you to help keep beer in stock, and be quick to add the new items in certain markets when requested. They sell a lot of beer for a 30ft beer section with NO cold sets.

National Restaurant Association trade show:
Green Flash + Alpine will have a booth this year on May 22nd and 23rd in Chicago to try and connect with new chain partners. Starting in May the FDA is requiring restaurant chains with 20 or more units to have caloric values on all beers served. We have invested and already have our beers tested and analyzed to meet this federal requirement. Please reach out to our chain team if you have questions.


Jim Kenny

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