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We got Soul

In case you haven’t noticed, our single IPA Soul Style is one badass beer! In just a few months, in spite of the beer’s limited availability, Soul Style has taken off in a big way. It is now the number two Green Flash offering just after West Coast IPA. This may sound like bragging, but if you and your team have not gotten behind Soul Style, we think you are making a serious mistake. On average, bars that feature this IPA on tap are selling over 2 kegs per week. In the limited regions where Soul Style is available as a packaged offering, many of our retailers have reported selling over ten cases per week. Can you say “HOMERUN”? An excellent example of how Soul Style is performing in a highly competitive retail environment can be found in San Diego’s Encinitas branch of Whole Foods. As a local offering in a crowded craft beer market, Soul Style is flying off the shelves – check out the below snapshot of the display. Even with the recent opening of the city’s 100th craft brewery, Soul Style is San Diego’s overnight craft beer sensation! If we are able to succeed in the craft beer capitol, we can surely Git-R-Done in Anywhere, USA. A huge shout-out to our partners at Crest Beverage and to San Diego DM, Devin Lafferty for exceptional execution.

Package Priorities and Shelf Positioning

In many markets, certain Green Flash beer styles are clearly winners within that area. Typically, our core lineup offers the most significant opportunity for sales volume. The country is divided into Western and Eastern territories, and we set the package priorities based on availability in each market. Aside from the regional availability of our assortment, the sales team approaches each territory with the same focus and determination to ensure that Green Flash beer is never poorly positioned on the top or bottom shelf. Keep our beer in the strike zone, and we all win! Package Priorities West:

From the Door Handle: West Coast 6/4-packs, Seasonal 6/4-packs, Soul Style 4/6-packs, 30th St. Pale Ale 4/6-packs, Hop Odyssey releases 4/6-packs

2nd Shelf: We aim for the 2nd shelf placement of our Discovery 8-pack, Hop Head 6/4-pack, Double Stout 6/4-packs

Package Priorities East:

From the Door Handle: Discovery 8-pack (With Package Rear Facing Out), West Coast 6/4-packs, Seasonal 6/4-packs, Hop Head Red 6/4-packs, Double Stout 6/4-packs

More POS

You ask, we deliver! In addition to our new rail strips and neckers, we are now offering a selection of static clings. They are available to order through our online Distributor Portal. There are four promotional statics to choose from:

Green Flash: Explore our Craft (a brand-centric, year round lineup featured)

2015 Hop Odyssey lineup

2015 Seasonal lineup (Palate Wrecker, Road Warrior and Green Bullet)

Discovery Pack (w/ pricing as the focus)

These are available in packs of 50, and will help drive off-premise sell-through. Next month, we will be offering an updated Green Flash brand brochure. Please stay tuned for more information next month.

Grocery Spring Sets 2015

By the time you are reading this, you should have received information regarding adds/deletes for 80% of our chain grocery retailers. We need to focus diligently and forecast with both chain and purchasing/inventory managers. Trying to manage both inventory and rate-of-sale can be challenging from a chain perspective. Consider the Seven P’s your guide: Proper Planning, Preparation and Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Many sets will begin in mid-March or early-April, so forecasting in advance is critical to preventing out-of-stock situations. Production planning is at the heart of chain management, therefore we have established lead times for each market to allow our team to plan, brew and package with enough time to ensure our supply is IN STOCK to meet the needs of our retail partners. Even one out-of-stock is considered too many in the eyes of our retailers. More than one week of out-of-stocks will cause a domino effect that may negatively impact future distribution. Following is the suggested forecast for each reset, per store and per new point-of-distribution (POD). This should be referenced and used as a guide to prevent out-of-stock situations:

4-Packs: 2 cases per POD in initial “load in” at time of reset. Forecast plans should include 2 cases per month for first 60 days once set is complete and live

6-Packs: 2 cases per POD in initial “load in” at time of reset. Forecast plans should include 3 cases per month for the first 60 days once set is complete and live

22 oz Bombers: 2 cases per POD in initial “load in” at time of reset. Forecast plans should include 1 case per month for the first 60 days once set is complete and live

Discovery 8-Pack: 3 cases per POD in initial “load in” at time of reset. Forecast plans should include 2 cases per month for first 60 days once set is complete and live

After the 60 day “Honeymoon period” is complete, please adjust the forecast accordingly. In addition, any draft or keg release that is out-of-stock will negatively impact our brand and the success of our business. It is crucial that you are mindful to avoid out-of-stock situations when forecasting and placing orders of any Green Flash products, however it is especially important when ordering Soul Style IPA. This release is one of the most exciting offerings in 2015, and is quickly becoming among our top-sellers nationwide.

On-Premise Chains

Yardhouse Restaurants: You should have received communication from your Green Flash RSM/DM and directly from Yardhouse about their upcoming menu mandates. These include:

March 2015: The national Chalk Board program will feature Hop Odyssey Mosaic Session IPA - 15.5 gal. Two more national Chalk Board programs are locked in for 2015. Look for more communication about this initiative in the coming weeks.

April 2015: All new menu mandates go live. Stores will order new beers beginning 3/9 and these must be delivered 3/27.

Soul Style IPA: 15.5 gal kegs have been added to every Yardhouse nationally and will include all Yardhouse restaurants scheduled to open throughout the rest of this year.

Deleted Beers: Your team should have already been notified regarding any beers being deleted based on market performance.

Regional Programming: There are a few regional additions and programing that are not noted above. If you are unclear on these additions, contact your RSM/DM and they will clarify.

Chain Business

Please contact Rick Laxague via email at Rick.Laxague@greenflashbrew.com if you have any questions or feedback on chain business in your market.

Cellar 3

We recently announced the debut of Green Flash Cellar 3: our barrel-aged and rare beer series and our 2^nd San Diego County facility. Here, our Brewmaster and Barrelmaster will collaborate to produce innovative craft beers and will perfect the recipes for some of the most coveted Green Flash offerings. Our limited edition, barrel-aged beer program is moving along swiftly, and we are targeting April for the national release of the award-winning classic, Silva Stout in cork-finished 750 ml bottles as well as on draft. The buzz has already started with consumers when we announced the news this week, so make sure you are prepared. Your RSMs have received their allocations and will be in contact with you soon! Thank you for your ongoing support. We are looking forward to wrapping up strong in the first quarter and keeping up the momentum for a successful year! HUNGWAH!

Jim Kenny Vice President of Sales

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