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March 2017 Newsletter

Distributor Partners,

What’s new and what’s coming

  • GFB 6-pack bottles: Launching in the beginning of March. Pricing will be more aggressive than Soul Style. This is being produced out of both breweries so we can deliver the freshest beer possible. Let’s get incentives in place for distribution and displays so we can come out of the gate strong. Blonde Ales are on fire and this beer will offer a nice boost to your volume.
  • GFB 19.2oz cans: In April, we are launching 19.2oz cans exclusively in the west for now. We have already received commitments from am/pm and Circle K which gets our foot in the door of C-Stores for the first time from a corporate level. We are going to be strategic on the launch, as the manufacturer only produces this size can once per quarter. As this package picks up steam, we will increase production. Look for more communication from your RSM / DM. This offering is priced right to maximize on volume opportunities.
  • Alpine Windows Up: The response has been awesome. I apologize for some of the shortages as demand had outpaced production. We have adjusted the brew schedule and are currently back on track.

A new trend I’m not digging

Over the last couple weeks I have been a part of a few conversations where the distributor has asked my DM “where did you pre–sell Brand X / what’s the plan, before I bring it in?” This caught me off guard in a number of ways. Let’s go back a few years when I was the only sales person for Green Flash. We chose you and you chose us. We chose you for your ability to secure distribution, your relationships in the market, and your desire to win at retail. You chose us because of our ability to create world class beers that deliver a great margin.

Over the past couple years my team has grown to 31 and there are plans to add up to 20 more in 2017. These people are put in place to support your teams, educate distributors and retailers on our products, and help execute at retail in the way of on-premise events and off-premise tastings. We need to ensure that you have a solid plan in place prior to the trucks shipping. We need to work together to win in the market.

Feel free to reach out to me if you disagree. I value your input and opinions.


It’s that time again and we are off to DC for this year’s CBC. We will set up camp in the Convention Center lobby and look forward to meeting with you. Please reach out to your RSM and set up a time to meet up.
Also feel free to join us at one of the below events and tip a pint or two.

  • 4.10 Buffalo Billiards 6pm-Close: Meet the brewer night with Shawn McIlhenney
  • 4.11 Black Squirrel 7pm-11pm Tap Takeover
  • 4.12 Park View & Petworth Green Flash Pub Crawl 6pm-Close: Midlands Beer Garden, Homsted, DC Reynolds & Walters Sports Bar
  • 4.13 Iron Horse Tap Room 6pm-9pm Tap Takeover

National Accounts

Please welcome Eric Wiegand to the National Accounts Team. Eric has over 12 years of experience in the industry and will be based in Dallas, serving as the National Accounts Manager for Texas.

Displays sell beer, period. “POI” = point of interruption, and the more the better!

Our industry is over-indexed with breweries and new beers. We need to figure out how to get our brands in front of the consumer. Grocery stores are dedicating more space to beer which is good. But at the same time, it is not ideal for the consumer. Staring at 100 feet of beer is overwhelming. It’s a lot like choosing from a 100-tap beer list, or staring at the food menu at Cheesecake Factory. Sensory overload! At that point, customers will just pick the cheapest, or an “old standby” - i.e. premium light beer or an import, because that’s easy.
POS and displays are like silent salespeople when we are not in stores. Our tap handles serve the same purpose in the on-premise. Our brand new bin stackers offer point-of-sale branding and display point-of-interruption. Marketing did a great job on the design of these and they were REQUESTED by a national retailer called 7-Eleven.

Jordan and I have already presented these to some chains and they were well-received. Nate and Eric will be presenting them as well. We need your help getting distributors to order and use these. You need to hit the chains and sell these in at the store level. Every three of these you place is like selling in 2 kegs to that rotator account that asks for everything and is not loyal to you or our brand.

Marketing Update:

New Video

Have you been to our Virginia Beach brewery yet? Check out our latest video:

New POS Available
Together let’s support sell-thru in retail! Below is just a sampling of assets available on the distributor portal - order or download today to increase sales in your region:

Green Flash Corrugated floor standing displays - 5 per box @ $22ea. = $110

5’ x 3’ Alpine fabric flag with grommets:

Palate Wrecker 11” x 17” taste enlightenment poster

Snowboards are in! These are fully-functioning, all-mountain boards (bindings not included). Order now before the end of the season...

Green Flash & Alpine in the news

Upcoming Events


Jim Kenny

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December 2016 Newsletter

Distributor Partners,
First, we want to thank everyone who made the journey to Virginia Beach for our 2016 / 17 Distributor Meeting and the Official Grand Opening of our new brewery. We have batches in the tanks, and fresh beer from Virginia Beach will begin shipping very soon. Thank you for all of your feedback during the meeting. We have taken your valuable insight back to San Diego where we have made some adjustments to our 2017 plan, which you will see as you continue reading.

Kegs of our newest release, GFB Blonde Ale, are shipping now! First, we are focusing on getting the beer on draft to the on-premise through Q1. In Q2, we will move forward, as most of you recommended, with can selections which will be available for spring and summer. We will consider the launch date for glass once we feel we have achieved our goals on cans. Take a look at the suggested flows in the outlined schematics below. You will also see the updated GFB graphics, which will be hitting the distributor portal very soon to support your efforts at retail.



Alpine Windows Up
Our newest front line 12oz bottle release from Alpine is “Windows Up” (formerly known as “Hop Boxed”), and it starts shipping this week. This is a badass IPA from the crew in Alpine. If you were lucky enough to try it in Virginia Beach, or at one of our recent Alpine events, you will definitely agree. It is now available to order in 6-packs and kegs.

2017 Pricing
Just a reminder that 2017 pricing goes into effect on Jan. 2nd. Please adjust your PTR’s to reflect these adjustments, and if you have any questions, please contact your DM / RSM ASAP.

New Gear on the Distributor Portal
We have added a number of new items to the distributor portal, and it’s probably the best selection we’ve ever offered. New golf shirts, long sleeve button down shirts, Carhartt jackets, work shirts, backpacks, and a lot more. Check it out and gear up!

National Accounts:
Our National Accounts team would like to thank all of those that attended the Distributor Meeting and Virginia Beach Grand Opening. It is crucial to our businesses that your chain department in each respective distributorship communicates and works closely with our chain team. Together we can attack the chains, develop programing and the right assortment for your market. As we enter 2017, this cooperative effort is needed more than ever. We must leverage both of our relationships with buyers and chain accounts. If we approach them with one voice, message, and direction, we have better odds versus approaching them separately.
We will have a Southwest National Accounts Manager (NAM) based in Dallas, TX by the end of February 2017. This will be the third NAM on Rick Laxague’s team, and he or she will focus on making an immediate impact in Texas chain business
We are investing to support the chains, and we need you to do the same.  Together we can sell a lot of beer!

2017 Growth Performance Identifiers:

  • Execution:  ZERO exceptions - we cannot afford any gaps
  • Communication:  Partnership with distributor NAMs
  • Equal to or better than competition
  • Days of inventory to support chain POD’s
  • Price to Retail
  • Proper channel partners

Marketing Update:

To support the national launch of GFB on draft, we have developed interactive coasters and posters for on-premise accounts. GFB stands for many things, but we encourage imbibers to make it their own! To that end, bar patrons can get creative and write in what it means to them, and share it on social using the hashtag #drinkGFB.  
Availability - the poster artwork is available now on the distributor portal, stay tuned for coaster availability in the coming weeks.


In January we will be sending out a national trade press release to announce the news of the GFB launch, along with news about the entire Green Flash 2017 product lineup. We plan to roll out additional GFB support items in the coming months, and will update you in the January communication.
In closing, we want to wish all of you a fantastic holiday season. This year has been a m0^%r F#@%!&r, and we all appreciate everything each and every one of you has done for the Green Flash / Alpine brands. We look forward to working with you in 2017 as we head into the trenches of what is sure to be another crazy year in craft.

HUNGWAH and Cheers!

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Download Here



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October 2016 Newsletter

Distributor Partners,
There is a lot of chatter on craft as we head into the final stretch of 2016. Is it slowing?  What is the future? OMG - the Stone layoffs!

Green Flash is entering the fourth quarter with strong double digit growth due to everyone’s hard work.  Our growth is not attributed to new territory volume which is something everyone that is reading this should be proud of!  As we all know, it’s not going to get any easier.  I need everyone to be more focused than ever to sustain our growth.

Distribution is the key! As your Green Flash RSM/DM are executing ABPs, please take the time to dive into your distribution. Green Flash brands versus prior year and Green Flash versus other brands. Green Flash products need to be in any account that has Stone, Ballast, Founder’s, Bell’s or Lagunitas.

Expand your effective distribution! 2016 has been all about gaining full shelves of Green Flash, and as you will hear in Virginia Beach, we are now going to ask you to do the same for Alpine. I know you all are battling out there, so get behind our brands that have growth and great margin.

We request that all ABPs are signed and submitted by 12/15/16. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to call your RSM.

Marketing Buckets
We will be sending out invoices to distributors in January for any unused 2016 Marketing Fund dollars. Please touch base with your RSM/DM and put these funds to good use.

Pure Hoppiness
I love this beer!  It’s that time of year again. We were able to secure some of the hops at a much better price this year, which means you will be able to retail 6-packs for less. Target PTC is going to be $16.99. If you haven’t submitted your orders please do so ASAP.

Chain Update

Green Flash is excited to share the details of two upcoming collaborations with key-retailers! Thank you in advance for your support in the execution of these initiatives.
On-Premise: Yard House Restaurants
Yard House will celebrate their 20th year in business on December 7th, 2016. They asked us to brew a beer in honor of this milestone. Greg Howard, Director of Beverage for Yard House, asked Green Flash Brewmaster, Erik Jensen, and Alpine Head Brewer, Shawn McIlhenney, to collaborate with them to come up with a “Triple IPA that would strip enamel of your teeth.”  Greg recognizes Green Flash and Alpine as the IPA experts so this was a no-brainer in his eyes. The final result of their collaboration is a Triple IPA called 3 Degrees of Celebration coming in at 10.2% ABV.  Look for this beer to arrive into your warehouses shortly. Yard House also asked us to bottle this beer so they can have stores purchase cases specifically for management and staff to take home (if 21 yrs. of age) and celebrate with their families. Due to some state regulatory issues, not all stores will receive bottles, and some states will have a secondary tap handle sticker. On December 7th, we will host a coast-to-coast “Cheers to 20 years” toast in every Yard House location closest to our sales representatives. Where legal, we will hand out pint glasses to consumers at this keg tapping. We encourage our distributor partners to visit a Yard House and join us as we raise a glass!  Contact Rick Laxague our Director of National Accounts or your Green Flash RSM/DM if you have any questions.

Off-Premise: Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s will turn 50 years old in 2017. Fifty years of business is a monumental milestone, and the “Golden Anniversary.”  This marks the first time Trader Joe’s has released a co-branded beer with a brewery, and they wanted to offer their customers a very special beer from one of the best breweries in America. “The beer is really for the Trader Joe’s customer,” says Ryan Scholz, Category Manager of Beer. “They are the ones we celebrate.  They have supported us for 50 years which has allowed us to reach the mark in such a competitive landscape.”

The beer is named Fearless Fifty and it is a Belgian-style saison that is brewed with key ingredients selected by Trader Joes, including Rose Hips, to honor their Pasadena roots, and California orange blossom, again paying homage to their home state. This beer will come in 22oz bottles and will be shipping to you in December. There will be an end cap/display program in all stores beginning the first week of January 2017. Together we will also secure new points of distribution in every Trader Joe’s across the country. If you have not yet received the program deck from your Green Flash RSM/DM, reach out to them or Rick Laxague and we will provide you with all the details on this program.

Marketing Update

PURE HOPPINESS LAUNCH- Let’s sell thru this release together!
MEDIA BUY- We will be driving consumer demand for the Alpine Pure Hoppiness release with paid media buys in the following media outlets:
  • Beer Advocate Magazine – full page print ad, November issue
  • – digital ad placements
  • digital ad placements


WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Pure Hoppiness bottle neck hangers were produced touting our 100 score.  These will be mailed directly to distributors the week of 10/31. Please open immediately and provide to the distributor reps managing the Alpine brands in your respective markets.


ASSETS AVAILABLE- Take advantage! We have an event template, sell sheet, case stacker, and bottle image assets available for download, as well as coasters and pints for order on the distributor portal.


You asked, we listened!  New Alpine tap handles are currently in production, below is a sneak peak of the prototype. Estimated arrival is December 2016 or sooner…check back for updates on the distributor portal.

In addition to Alpine tap handles on their way, we also have a limited number of Green Flash AND Alpine Snowboards currently in production, available late November/early December, just in time for the start of mountain resort season. The boards are all-mountain snowboard decks that can be used as giveaways in markets; where legal. We are currently taking pre-orders, contact your RSM/DM if you have accounts that would like to offer these sweet rides to their guests! (Note: bindings not included)

Thanks again for all you do. I am looking forward to seeing you in Virginia Beach in a couple of weeks. I look forward to going over 2017, handing out some green jackets, and of course tipping a few pints with you.


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August 2016 Newsletter

Save the Date – 2016/17 Distributor Meeting
As I mentioned in my last communication, we are holding this year’s National Distributor Meeting in our new facility in Virginia Beach, VA. We will walk you through the 2017 portfolio, review pricing and strategy, and offer insight on how we are taking Green Flash and Alpine to the next level.
Distributor Meeting - November 11th – 9:00 a.m.
Treasure Chest Fest - November 12th –You are all invited to join us on Saturday at our 3rd annual Treasure Chest Festival.
In the coming weeks, you will receive the official invitation which will include details about the meeting, suggested hotels with special rates, and anything else you will need to know about planning for your stay in Virginia Beach. This will also be the last National Distributor Meeting as next year I plan on holding separate western and eastern meetings.

2017 Pricing -
We will be implementing our 2017 pricing effective January 2nd. The Virginia Beach brewery will be up and running giving us the opportunity to incorporate a national strategy. I will be sending the 2017 pricing to you in September.

Chains -
We are consistently asked to improve our presence in the chains. This year, we have added to our Chain Department and they have done a great job adding new points of distribution and creating and collaborating on promotions. What baffles me is the amount of gaps from Target to Yard House. We need to make sure that these authorizations are filled and maintained.
Rick does a great job communicating. We ask that you and your chain team review his communications in your weekly chain meetings and maximize efforts to have zero gaps. The chain segment is going to get ugly in 2017 and our (yours and mine) execution on existing programs and authorizations will determine our future with these retailers.

Chain Update

Off-Premise Chain programming:
Spotlight:  Kroger in Virginia & Specialty Beverage
Rick Laxague has been working very hard to build a relationship with Kroger. This relationship continues to be a work in progress, but they have recently collaborated with our distributor network to create some great programming.
Rick and Adam Grayberg (Specialty Beverage, VA) developed a text-to-win program utilizing the opening of the Virginia Beach brewery as the grand prize and presented it to the Regional Category Manager for Kroger in Virginia. The idea is that consumers can text the word “FLASH” to be entered to win a grand prize which includes a Brewmaster/Head Brewer guided brewery tour with catered dinner for 8 guests, and a gift card to use at the Virginia Beach brewery. There were also two other prizes awarded with smaller amounts, but along the same lines. Here are some pictures of displays in the stores.

The program was a 4-week-long initiative, and concluded on July 16th and has resulted in a huge increase of brand awareness as well as a lift in sales and distribution. We encourage you to reach out to Rick and his team to help come up with ideas to help sell more beer!

On-premise programming:
Yard House Restaurant: The August chalk board beer is Alpine Beer Co. Mandarin Nectar 15.5 kegs.
Taco Mac: The Q3 beer of the month is Beach House Ale, with 100 kegs between all locations!
BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse: BJ’s has asked Green Flash to be their annual collaboration brewery this year, which also happens to be their 20th Anniversary. Green Flash Brewmaster, Erik Jensen, collaborated with BJ’s Senior V.P. of Brewing, Alex Puchner, to create a beer called “Hop Pact IPA”. This Rye IPA will be featured along with 7 other Green Flash beers in a series of 163 exclusive beer dinners that will take place around the county on August 15, 16, 22, and 23. Our entire sales staff and others from the brewery will be out hosting 40% of them. If you have a key brand manager or craft beer sales representative that would like to cover a dinner in your footprint, please reach out to so he can advise BJ’s home office.
In addition to our collaboration brew, the Green Flash beers that will be featured at these dinner are: Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager, Soul Style IPA, West Coast IPA, Jibe Session IPA, Imperial IPA, Le Freak and Dia De Los Serranos Double Stout with Serrano Chiles.
Please make sure that your purchasing agent has the inventory to support each of these dinners, as we need 100% execution. This has been communicated to your brand managers. Please reach out to Rick if you have any questions or concerns.

Marketing Update

Soul Style IPA in 12-Pack Cans
Introducing our new Soul Style IPA 12oz 12 pack cans! This is a welcome addition to our existing can lineup providing a new convenient package for consumers. Soul Style IPA 12-pack cans as well as 6-pack cans of Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager, Jibe Session IPA, and Passion Fruit Kicker are now available year round.


Soul Style IPA will continue to be available in 12oz bottles as well as on draft. Reach out to your Green Flash sales rep for more details.

Treasure Chest 2016
We are excited to kick off this year’s annual Treasure Chest program in September, raising money for breast cancer research through 2 festivals (one on each coast), Treasure Chest on-premise events at participating accounts, and the bottle release of our highly rated Treasure Chest IPA. This initiative is near and dear to our hearts, as Green Flash Co-Founder, Lisa Hinkley, is a breast cancer survivor who is passionate about helping other families who are affected by breast cancer. If your accounts have agreed to participate in this year’s keg program, your kegs and kits will be shipped beginning in August. Please utilize the event kit to help make each on-premise event an engaging and fun time for all attendees! Please ensure Treasure Chest kegs and kits are delivered to participating accounts in a timely manner so they can be used at their scheduled events.
For off-premise accounts receiving bottles, POS support can be found on the distributor portal.
In addition to helping with keg/event kit/bottle delivery, many of our distributors have asked how they can participate. This year, we have partnered with Prevent Cancer as the national charity beneficiary, and we welcome your support. Donations can be made directly to the organization and are tax-deductible.
Check out our recently updated video about this program, to learn more: 2016 Treasure Chest by Green Flash Brewing Co.
Watch the Video
>70 views Green Flash and Alpine in the News:
We are excited to share some recent PR featuring Green Flash and Alpine in the news!

Thank You
Thank you for everything you do. 2016 is turning out to be fantastic. We are growing at strong double digits and outpacing Craft nationally. I look forward to seeing each of you in Virginia and tipping a few beers with you.


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